Closing Shop

Well, it has almost been a month since Mike and I decided to close Just Deserts (that which one deserves) and Coffee Bar.

Several of you have asked why out of sincerity and some of you have chosen not to almost as if someone has died and you don’t know quite what to say.

I have many prepared answers for you who do ask from “it was getting to be too much work, my arthritis was flaring up, I was jealous of how much my cousin was getting to travel”.  What else?  “A new office moved in down the street and took all or our parking spots, ” I was in a bad spot, “my main employee broke her ankle and could not tell me when she was coming back and I could not imagine having to get up every morning and opening the shop, doing all the shopping, and baking, etc.”  The list could go on and on, but in all reality we just could not afford to keep the place open any longer, and this is what I want to share with you.

We were slammed during the holiday season, between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I loved it.  Pies, cookies, and we discovered that one of our employees had an amazing talent of which she was unaware, decorating cookies! But we just did not have enough everyday walk in traffic to keep the shop going.  And that is what I do not understand.  We were right in downtown, in an alley, I understand, but where were all the local people that claim to want to support local?   I know we had good product and if we didn’t I would love from someone to share that with me.

So, my point to all this is the next little shop that opens up, please support.  I may be back, can’t say where yet and not in such an intense capacity but I will be back.  I will be spending time at home making awesome dinners for my husband, traveling a bit and resting, and I have not forgotten about bake camp.

I want to thank all of you who did support the shop.  We did have so many awesome customers and I got to meet so many new friends, you know who you are.

Thank you again!



Author: paddywest

I am a 62 year old newly retired bored housewife!! I have had two failed attempts at business and my husband finally said enough, you don't have to work, stay home and relax, so that is what I am making an attempt to do. Spending lots of money on LouLaRoe, discovering bouillon cubes in my pantry of 2008 and all kinds of apps on my iphone!

3 thoughts on “Closing Shop”

  1. it’s tough being a small business in a big chain world. I was very impressed with all the yummies you had to offer, the variety, and the hard work (and work ethic) you put in, every day. great good luck in your next venture! ❤ mandy


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