Glittery, not…..

Here it is Monday, again. I check my iPhone calendar and nothing, until Saturday, and that is a wedding for one of my husband’s employees. Yikes, I need to get some kind of life. Well, the sun is making the pool deck and pool glitter. It is quite beautiful out. My 80 pound lab is loving it. Oh, he is standing at the screen door. He must need to use the facilities. Excuse me, obligations, jeez.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a stabbing pain in my jaw. Is it sinus or a tooth? Guess I could call either the dentist or the PA, or take an aspirin and hope it goes away. Go back to bed and binge watch “This is Us” but it is too lovely a day.


Author: paddywest

I am a 62 year old newly retired bored housewife!! I have had two failed attempts at business and my husband finally said enough, you don't have to work, stay home and relax, so that is what I am making an attempt to do. Spending lots of money on LouLaRoe, discovering bouillon cubes in my pantry of 2008 and all kinds of apps on my iphone!

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